• Pool Type
  • Project Type Parks & Recreation
  • Project Service Facility Audit
  • StatusCompleted 2017
  • ArchitectKimley Horn & Associates, Inc.


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Springbrook Pool (Audit)

Alcoa, TN

Original pool construction started in 1930. A large number of unemployed residents within the City of Alcoa were liable under then-existing tax laws to pay a $5.00 road tax or five days’ labor on the city streets. A major portion of the labor used in the construction of the Springbrook Pool was that of individuals who were “paying their road tax”.

This project also provided employment opportunities for individuals after their obligation for the tax had been paid since the construction took place at the start of the Great Depression. The pool opened for operation in the early summer of 1931.

During the last few years the pool has been experiencing many issues due to the age of the pool including water loss due to structural cracks and concrete pool slab issues.  Multiple items were noted that needed repairs or replacement, updating, or renovation to keep the facility operating at a sustainable level, with the ultimate intention of helping the city plan for repairs or replacement.

An assessment was conducted to identify items that were substandard in the pool, identify items not to current industry swimming pool design standards, or equipment not operating as designed, and to assist in defining a course of action regarding the future of the facility. In addition, an opinion of probable construction cost for long-term and short-term solutions was provided for recommended repairs which will bring the pool up to current industry swimming pool design standards.