• Pool Type
  • Project Type K-12
  • Project Service Feasibility Study
  • StatusCompleted 2017
  • Architect


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Sweetwater Union High School District – Mar Vista High School Pool (Study)

Chula Vista, CA

In 2017, Counsilman-Hunsaker was retained by the Sweetwater Union High School District to develop conceptual options and scenarios for a new competition swim venue. The high school district’s existing facility is over 50 years old and no longer adequately served the school and the local community.  An audit was conducted by Counsilman-Hunsaker which determined that the pool had many structural and mechanical issues that put it beyond its useful life.

To meet the needs of the local and student population and the multiple swimming and water polo teams, options were explored, including a stretch 50-meter pool and a 25-yard by 25-meter pool, along with an opinion of probable capital and operating costs for each option. The options were based on two separate locations on the Mar Vista High School property.