• Pool Type Indoor 50-Meter
  • Project Type Renovation
  • Project Service Design Services, Facility Audit
  • StatusCompleted 2012
  • ArchitectPeacock Culpeper Veterans Association


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U.S. Naval Academy – Lejeune Pool

Annapolis, MD

U.S. Naval Academy - Camp Lejeune PoolIn December 2008, the United States Naval Academy retained Woods Peacock and Counsilman-Hunsaker to perform an aquatic assessment for the 50-meter pool and dive pool located in the USNA LeJeune Hall.  The purpose of the aquatic audit was to evaluate the pools and to identify repairs and/or renovations necessary for the swimming pools and the pool mechanical system.

The final report detailed the existing condition of the pool and its equipment and amenities including life expectancies and recommended short-term and long-term repairs or replacements, along with cost estimates.

In 2010, Counsilman-Hunsaker was again retained to prepare construction documents for the renovation of the 50-meter pool, dive pool, and pool mechanical systems located at Lejeune Hall.

Renovation of the 24,200 sq. ft. facility included:

  • Separating the combined recirculation system into two separate and distinct recirculation systems.
  •  The addition of  new perimeter gutter systems, scoreboard and in-deck timing system, ceramic tile pool and deck finish, custom starting blocks, a custom fiberglass bulkhead, and ADA accessible pool lifts.

Renovations in the mechanical room included regenerative media filtration systems, ultraviolet light dechloramination and disinfection systems, variable frequency drives and state-of-the-art water chemistry control systems.