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Venture River Water (Aquatic Management Services)

Eddyville, KY

Counsilman-Hunsaker was retained by Venture River Waterpark in Eddyville, KY to provide Counsilman-Hunsaker Aquatic Management Services including a CHAMP™ starter package visit and one unannounced site-visit.  A CHAMP™ Examiner reviewed the facility layout and zone coverage, placement of emergency equipment and staffing, and the facility’s communication system and emergency procedures.  Counsilman-Hunsaker also evaluated the facility’s current operational documentation, which included policies and procedures, employee training records, and items posted for both employees and guests, as well as the performance of the lifeguards and lifeguard operations.

Each unannounced site-visit evaluated the performance of the lifeguards and lifeguard operations. The knowledge and skills evaluated during on-site evaluations are based on the American Red Cross Lifeguarding program. The CHAMP™ Examiner conducted a predetermined number of video-recorded observations of lifeguards performing patron surveillance and skills evaluations through multiple team-rescue scenarios.  The examiner concluded each visit with a facility check of the operations, including safety equipment, proper staffing levels, and verifying policies were being followed and proper documentation kept.  After each site visit, the client received a comprehensive written report that outlined the results to be used for improvement in their operations and training. These recommendations were based on industry standards, including the American Red Cross and the Model Aquatic Health Code.