Risk-Free Guarantee

Our guarantee to our HydroApps customers

We’re taking the risk out of using digital aquatics apps. During these uncertain times, our HydroApps guarantee has you covered, whether you’re currently operational or not.

If you’re not operating today, you can still get the benefits of HydroApps now and use it during closures for free. We’ll set your subscription start date to when you start up your operations so you won’t have to pay for your subscription until you're back up and running. Plus if you’re currently operating today and are forced to discontinue operations at any time in 2021, we’ll stop the clock on your subscription and restart it when you’re operational again.

With our HydroApps risk-free guarantee, there’s absolutely no risk to begin realizing the benefits of digital aquatic solutions now. Get out from underneath the paper, and level up your aquatic operations with HydroApps today! Where Aquatic Management Meets Life.


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