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Our Operations ebook shares our principles and best practices for a successful and sustainable aquatic facility.

Operations for life-long sustainability.

At Counsilman-Hunsaker, our goal is to optimize both our client’s daily operations and the aquatic users’ experiences. Our in-house swimming pool operators will assist with on-site facility operations. Our operations team is comprised of highly trained, experienced professionals who have obtained the highest ranking of Health and Safety Instructor certifications available. Our clients benefit from the experience and knowledge of our team, knowing that our recommendations and operational services are supported by all the leading aquatic safety providers.

Our operations services vary from strategic support to full-time management solutions:

Operational Audit.

Counsilman-Hunsaker will equip you with an operational audit addressing key issues. This involves identifying unique market needs, understanding and achieving capacity potentials and assessing and teaching how to maximize your aquatic spaces. We will also help with writing program design goals and preparing program plans that focus on revenue generation while applying participant and program lifecycle strategies. The operational audits will be customized to your needs and can include expense reviews with benchmarking and Model Aquatic Health Code readiness reviews, as well as program mix and efficiencies.

Feasibility Study / Business Plan.

Used to forecast the functional, operational and economic impact of the creation or renovation of a facility, a Feasibility Study / Business Plan provides due diligence on the “think-it-through” side, revealing information you will need to make sound decisions going forward. It also yields facility-specific revenue and expense information related to management and staffing. A Counsilman-Hunsaker business plan will incorporate the following for your facility:

  • Demographics of the area
  • Area aquatic providers
  • Amenities included in the pool(s)
  • Staffing required
  • Utility, personnel, and commodity costs
  • Expected expenses and revenue

Pre-opening support services.

These services grant the support and coaching needed to leverage tools, strategies and marketing campaigns so that your facility will open efficiently and effectively. The services are offered on a weekly and monthly basis, and include:

  • Budgeting and development timelines
  • Vendor procurement, negotiation, and service contracting
  • Accounting procedures and training
  • Facility staff recruitment, training, and onboarding
  • Brand development, marketing, and event planning

Full-time management services.

Years of experience have taught us that excellent general management is critical to operational success. We can recruit, hire, and train your general manager — while still giving you full control and peace of mind — with no gaps between your plans, goals and on-the-ground execution.

Our culture attracts and develops ambitious, bottom-line oriented managers who are fully accountable to using best practices and executing every item identified in the annual business plan and monthly action plan. These critical team members — employed by us but working on your behalf — view their roles in optimizing your facility as a true career path.

Additionally, your facility will automatically become part of our national network, along with hundreds of sports and recreation facilities. We are constantly honing this culture of accountability, best practices, proven strategies, and profit-focused tactics within our network. With this program, you benefit from:

  • Full-time, fully accountable industry professionals with continuous access to learning and best practices
  • An annual business plan written for your facility by our experts, with monthly “budget vs. actual” meetings and monthly action planning sessions
  • Participation in quarterly performance evaluations
  • Unlimited access to our library of resource for customer service, group events, sales, and revenue optimization
  • Monthly owners’ report and board/owners’ meetings
  • Direct reporting of manager(s)

Operations is a critical part of making your facility successful — and it’s more effective when incorporated as part of your facility’s initial design.

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