HydroApps FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


Our aquatic web apps help you run your facilities at max-efficiency. Below are some of the most common questions that our HydroApps specialists are asked. If you can't find an answer to one of your questions below, get in touch with us today for more information.

What are HydroApps?

HydroApps was developed by Counsilman-Hunsaker as part of our Circle of Services, in collaboration with American Red Cross, National Swimming Pool Foundation, and in compliance with the Model Aquatic Health Code. Facility Manager™ is also the recipient of the first-ever certification by the Council for the Model Aquatic Health Code (CMAHC). Leverage of the power and the brands of each of these organizations makes HydroApps the premier solution for aquatic documentation and recordkeeping.

Our deluxe suite of web-based applications help aquatic facility owners, operators, and service providers reduce risk, improve staff performance, and keep track of records, all in the convenience of a web app. HydroApps include risk-reducing features such as digital documentation, reporting, and analysis designed for code-compliance and risk management. Clients can use the built-in Model Aquatic Health Code parameters or their own local codes and standards. Additionally, HydroApps improves staff performance by tracking and reporting on facility checklists, in-service training, certifications, observation, evaluation, drills, zone testing, and audits. Water safety is enhanced through HydroApps’ Lifeguard Manager™ web-based application utilizing American Red Cross standards.


How Much Do HydroApps Cost?

We want to help our customers minimize the initial cost of HydroApps so they can begin experiencing the benefits it provides today. One way to accomplish this is through flexibility working with our customers’ budgets to help better fit within their budget cycle or spending caps. American Red Cross customers may also utilize their aquatic representative’s coupon code to receive a 10% discount.

HydroApps is fully customizable, and specific forms and custom reports can be made-to-order or new ones developed. Our goal is the increased safety and sustainability of every aquatic facility, so if you are looking for something different, please contact us. We’ll work with you to get what you need at a reasonable price for both the subscription and the customization.


How Can HydroApps Help with the Operation and Management of My Aquatic Facility?

HydroApps makes capturing the right information easy and efficient with both pre-built and configurable forms, based on industry standards and best practices. Our web apps help you manage your staff at top-level standards, implement preparation through easily accessible web-based reporting and record-keeping, and improve staff training, efficiency, and performance alongside the leading safety standards. A high-performing aquatic facility staff can make a big difference, and HydroApps can help ensure that your staff maintains a high level of readiness.


How Does HydroApps Track Staff Records?

HydroApps proactively helps alleviate costly potential risk management and legal issues by tracking every aspect of a well-rounded operations and risk management program, from initial certification to continuing training to performance. Additionally, the analytics provided by HydroApps ensures you can track trends over various reports across a range of time to determine exactly what is happening in your facility and how often.


Can HydroApps Help Reduce the Costs of My Aquatic Facility?

HydroApps digital documentation and storage helps reduce costs associated with paper recordkeeping and storage by eliminating paper waste and providing a solution to limited physical storage space, freeing up funds that could be used other operational and risk management purposes. Powerful reporting tools allow for analysis of records and reports unavailable through traditional recordkeeping methods, enabling you to understand how effective your operations and risk management programs are and where there’s room for improvement.


Lifeguard Manager FAQs

- Can I get custom forms?

Yes, we are regularly asked by clients for custom forms specific to their facility or own internal processes. We’re happy to provide this service for a modest fee and will provide a personalized quote, upon request, based on the scope of work.


- Can I select who can run and view reports?

Yes, this is a typical part of the administrative setup for HydroApps. The various user roles provide certain access to certain logs and reports which can also be modified on an individual basis.


- Can we automate the setup of all our lifeguards in HydroApps?

Yes, we can perform a batch import of lifeguards into the HydroApps system using a list in various formats, including Excel, Word, or PDF.


- Can I view training and certification expirations offline?

Yes, these reports – and all other records and reports – can be exported to a PDF or Excel form, if needed, for offline viewing.


- Can I deactivate seasonal staff?

You can easily activate or deactivate user accounts for seasonal staff so they only have access during the season.


- Can I have staff members acknowledge an audit?

Yes, many of the forms found in HydroApps provide for e-signatures, allowing staff members to sign and save the form after completion of an audit so it’s documented that they have received it while their signature is saved on the report.


- Can I see who’s missed an in-service?

Yes, the in-service attendance reports show not only who has attended an in-service training, but also who has not attended an in-service based on the facility’s in-service frequency schedule (weekly, biweekly, or monthly).


Facility Manager FAQ

- Can I get a package deal on Facility Manager and Lifeguard Manager if I buy both at the same time?

Yes, customers are eligible to receive $100 off when they purchase both Lifeguard Manager and Facility Manager together in a single transaction. Additionally, existing American Red Cross customers may receive 10% off the total cost of HydroApps when they use their Aquatic Representative’s product coupon code.


- Can I create my own checklist questions?

Yes, you may customize the checklists by adding or removing any checklist items you need. In fact, you can do the same type of customization in the Pool Test module, if you’re including that in your HydroApps package as well.


- Can I have different checklists for different facilities?

Yes, checklists can be facility-specific if you have multiple facilities. And since administrators can select which facilities a lifeguard or a manager is working at, your staff will have access to the right forms if they’re also doing checklists and reports in Facility Manager.


- Can I view which outstanding issues from a checklist have been completed?

Yes, HydroApps makes it easy to view the completed checklist, past completed issues, and any outstanding issues through Checklist Reports under the Reports section. Outstanding issues can also be viewed under the Checklists section for easy workflow viewing and completion.


- Can I share reports with others outside of HydroApps?

Yes, all reports in HydroApps can be generated in a PDF format and most reports in Excel format. For example, both Pool Closure and Illness reports can be exported to Excel or PDF to be shared with others who may not have access to HydroApps.