What Are HydroApps?

What are HydroApps™?

HydroApps is a suite of web-based applications that helps aquatic facility owners, operators and service providers reduce risk, improve staff performance, and streamline compliance, documentation, and recordkeeping.

HydroApps reduces risk with digital documentation, reporting, and analysis designed for code-compliance and risk management. Clients can use the built-in Model Aquatic Health Code parameters or their own local codes and standards.

HydroApps improves staff performance by tracking and reporting on facility checklists, in-service training, certifications, observation, evaluation, drills, zone testing and audits. Water safety is enhanced through HydroApps’ Lifeguard Manager™ web-based application utilizing American Red Cross standards.

HydroApps’ digital documentation streamlines compliance, documentation and recordkeeping, simultaneously reducing risk, and the high cost and waste of managing paper, filing and finding documents, manually creating reports, and human error.

HydroApps was developed by Counsilman-Hunsaker as part of our Circle of Services, in collaboration with American Red Cross, National Swimming Pool Foundation, and in compliance with the Model Aquatic Health Code. Facility Manager™ is also the recipient of the first-ever certification by the Council for the Model Aquatic Health Code (CMAHC). Leverage of the power and the brands of each of these organizations makes HydroApps the premier solution for aquatic documentation and recordkeeping.