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World Class Diving Facility

A world class diving facility in the 21st century has forced changes in diving pool designs in the past 15 years. This is largely due to the advent of synchronized diving and also because of an increase in International competitions around the world forcing Countries to either build new pools or renovate existing facilities to better standards if they wish to host a major event. 

Minimum requirements for a world class facility can be sketchy but if we compare the top pools in China, Australia, Great Britain, Canada, Mexico and Germany, USA is actually languishing. To have a ‘world class’ facility for diving comparable with these top nations, this would be the requirements. 

Diving Pool: competitive end 

3 x 3 meter springboards

2 x 1 meter springboards

1 x 10 meter platform

1 x 7.5 meter platform

1 x 5 meter platform

1 x 3 meter platform

1 x 1 meter platform 

NOTE: To have a world class training acility it is recommended to have all platorms 3 meters wide but priority should be 3m, 5m, and 10m platforms.

Many diving pools these days are now adding additional springboards on the opposite side of the pool to cater for learn to dive sessions whilst elite training is happening at the competition end of the pool. This also is a benefit for when National Training Camps and international meets are being conducted at the facility. At least 3-4 x 1 meter springboards and 2 x 3 meter springboards would be recommended on the opposite side.


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