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Counsilman – Hunsaker Continues Partnership with FINA World Aquatics Convention

Federation Internationale de Natation (FINA), based in Lausanne, Switzerland is the sole worldwide sports organization governing swimming, diving, synchronized swimming, water polo open water swimming and Masters swimming.

FINA has signed a partnership agreement with Counsilman – Hunsaker for the 2nd FINA World Aquatics Convention to be held in Moscow, Russia, October 29 – November 1, 2012.

The FINA World Aquatic Convention is a unique occasion to evaluate and discuss the development of the Aquatic sports across the five continents, and to suggest, by a common exchange of point of view, further ways of progress. We welcome Counsilman – Hunsaker with their strong background in aquatic sport to join us in these conversations.


“We are delighted that Counsilman – Hunsaker has agreed to continue their support of the FINA World Aquatics Convention. Counsilman – Hunsaker has a long history as a designer of world class aquatic facilities and their experience will be of tremendous interest to the Convention delegates. Several FINA competitions have been held in Counsilman – Hunsaker designed aquatics facilities and we look forward to working with them at the 2nd FINA World Aquatics Convention”

Dr. Julio C. Maglione, FINA President


“Counsilman – Hunsaker has designed over 123 aquatics facilities with Olympic-sized pools, of which 11 have witnessed new world records. Continuing our strong, working relationship with FINA for the 2nd FINA World Aquatics Convention is reflective of the importance Counsilman – Hunsaker places on aquatic competition at the highest levels. We are excited to be a trusted founding partner of such an important world event for the future of competitive aquatics.”

Scot Hunsaker, President Counsilman – Hunsaker


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