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Operations for life-long sustainability

Our goal is to optimize our client's daily operations and maximize aquatic users' experiences.

Regarding our Operations services during COVID-19: While you may be experiencing a temporary pool closure, now might be a good time to take a hard look at your operations and maintenance plans. Whatever your goals for your facility's operations and risk management, our operations experts can help you achieve them and optimize both your daily operations and your guests' experience. We are more than happy to help provide a third-party perspective to ensure that your facility's safety and sustainability remains at the forefront of your operations.  Learn more about our COVID-19 response

How can we help? Counsilman-Hunsaker's operations team is comprised of highly-trained, innovative Health and Safety Instructor-certified professionals that utilize the leading aquatic safety providers. Operations is a critical component of making your aquatic facility a success. Through our Aquatic Management Program, our in-house swimming pool operators will assist with on-site facility operations and make sure that your aquatic center is on par with the leading safety standards.  Get our e-Book


The Counsilman-Hunsaker Aquatic Management Program™ (CHAMP)

Since opening a new aquatic facility is different from maintaining an existing program — even for veteran operators — our team will put together a plan of action that is unique to your facility. An example of what this looks like includes:

Facility Specific Business Plan: Business plans provide you with unique expense and revenue information regarding management, staffing, and attendance.

Standard Operating Procedures Manual: Comprehensive policies, procedures, and forms that allow you to run your operations as efficiently as possible. We customize these based on your facility and local, national, and industry best-in-practice standards.

Onsite Training: Counsilman-Hunsaker's operations team provides staff training, lifeguard orientation, and other training material related to customer service, rule enforcement, emergency medical procedures, and operations.

Maintenance Manual and Training: MAHC-compliant and facility-specific maintenance manuals provide additional training for you and your staff. This includes daily processes required to maintain healthy water quality, safety, how to handle chemicals, and implement preventative maintenance procedures.

Marketing and Branding Plans: We'll develop an effective and communications plan for your organization. This includes media suggestions, which advertisement avenues to pursue, and other advice for executing a marketing plan.

Operational Audits: We will analyze your existing operations and provide recommendations for improvement based on industry standards and best-in-practice operations.

Aquatic Examiner Services: Counsilman-Hunsaker utilizes protocols and methodologies of the American Red Cross Aquatic Examiner Service and Lifeguarding program. Coupled with our extensive experience with operations and examiners, we deliver comprehensive lifeguard performance evaluations.

Incident Support: Our team of subject matter experts provide litigation support and serve as expert witnesses if needed. We are able to conduct on-site visits for accident investigation and documentation in the event of a catastrophic incident.

See our operations projects
  • Riverside Beach Family Center

      Counsilman-Hunsaker, in association with Kimley-Horn & Associates, was hired by the City of Independence to replace their outdated 1962 pool. The city desired a centerpiece facility to serve the aquatic needs of the entire community.  

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  • Pirates Bay Family Aquatic Center

    As identified in the 2007 Baytown Marketing Development Plan, the city residents pointed to a need for a large family aquatic center to draw from inside and outside their community. The Wayne Gray Sports Complex, located near a major highway ad an ample footprint to add attractions and accomplished this goal. From this Marketing Development ...

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  • La Joya ISD Sports and Learning Complex

      In 2015, the City of La Joya retained Counsilman-Hunsaker to perform an operational pro forma analysis for an aquatic center for La Joya. The audit included an opinion of operating expenses with calculations for staff labor, insurance, repairs/maintenance, commodities, and utilities. Pleased with the results from the study, the La Joya ISD Sports and ...

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  • Aquatic Zoo

    The safari-themed Aquatic Zoo represents the city’s long-time desire to develop a unique aquatic experience in southern Illinois. The facility is themed around a zoo atmosphere reflecting the recently-closed city zoo, which was precious to many in the Mt. Vernon area; and therefore, the “aquatic zoo” was born. The waterpark evolved from public ideas, studies, ...

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  • Pleasant Dale Park District (Planning Workshop)

    In order to become better Recreation Experience Facilitators, The Pleasant Dale Park District retained Counsilman Hunsaker to complete a Recreation Experience Planning Workshop to assist the Recreation Staff who plan recreation experiences for the community. The workshop process was designed to encourage consistency when staff members engage in experience planning. The two-day workshop was designed ...

    See our operations projects

Operations Support Services

Our operations team, which is comprised of experienced aquatic professionals, will utilize resources to make sure that the opening and management of your facility is efficient and streamlined.

From ensuring that your aquatic center is aligned with top industry safety providers to utilizing key aquatic management resources, our team will provide everything needed to make sure that your aquatic facility project is designed, managed, and operated safely and efficiently. If you have any questions or concerns about our operations services, reach out to our team today.

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