Feasibility Studies

Assuring facilities meet the needs of the community

Informing sound decisions through revenue and expense plans to support your programming, management, and staffing.

Can you forecast success? Utilizing diligent research and evaluation methods, our team of operational specialists can uncover the strengths and weaknesses of your project and identify the resources required to carry your aquatic facility to success, both now and in the future. A feasibility study/business plan provides due diligence on the "think-it-through" side, revealing information you will need to make sound decisions going forward.  Get our e-Book

Aquatic Planning to Help You Make the Important Decisions

Our study process employs our exclusive Counsilman-Hunsaker Aquatic Research Tool™ (CHART) which includes 62 development factors for construction of indoor and outdoor aquatic facilities and over 200 data points to craft customized revenue and expense models specific to your organization and industry. Utilizing CHART, we evaluate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that affect your facility and provide an accurate projection of revenue and expenses. In turn, we develop a model for how to achieve your aquatic facility cost recovery goals.

With both aging pools and new aquatic facility builds underway across the U.S. and the world, communities are often faced with limited choices and a challenge: Keeping up with and meeting local expectations. Through processes that often involve the whole community, we provide industry data and our expertise so you'll have the best and most current information and recommendations to move forward. Our Study services also include master plans and operational audits for organizations of all sizes.


Study services designed to meet the needs of the population and provide a complete, working strategy for a new aquatic center:

  • Feasibility Studies that are comprehensive, extensive, and involve the entire community to tailor the vision, creation, and sustainability of a new aquatic center directly to your needs.
  • Expansion Studies to evaluate the additional revenue and operational expenses for adding new pools or features to your existing pool and any impacts on other facilities and facility operations.
  • Proformas that calculate the financial results you can anticipate in regards to your revenue and expenses for single site facilities or additional facility options and the financial commitment to facility operations

Master Plans designed to expertly plan the future of aquatics for decades to come:

  • City-wide Aquatic Master Plans provide a full scope for your city or county for site implantation and phasing of the aquatics master plan.
  • Park Master Plans provide the aquatic-specific scope of your city of county's Parks and Recreation master plan along with probable construction costs.

Operational Audits designed to ensure your facility is around for generations to enjoy:

  • Financial Analyses to review your existing revenue and expenses and recommend what type of programs your aquatic facility can best support based on the user groups using the facility.
  • Program Analyses to review your existing programs, services, and fees to determine what you can expect from your budget and to recommend revenue-enhancing amenities.
  • Expense Analyses to project your expense budget, return on investment for using green technology, and cost management requirements to help you discover how much money you could be saving with minor adjustments to your budget.

With Counsilman-Hunsaker's practical, innovative, and expert knowledge at your side, you and your community will find yourselves prepared with the facts, figures, and insights you need to make an educated decision on how to bring the joys of aquatics to everyone.

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Inspiring others to become more

Our studies have accurately forecast the functional, operational, and financial impact of the development or renovation of aquatic centers for hundreds of communities, preparing each for the expected financial commitment to facility operations and programming.

Incorporating key demographics for the area where the aquatic facility is located, the amenities chosen to feature, the level of staffing required to smoothly operate the facility, expected expenses and revenue, and direct community input, we’ll not only make sure that your aquatic center is set up for success but continues to exceed all expectations going forward.

For more information on our feasibility studies and how our experienced team can set your aquatic facility up for success, get in touch with Counsilman-Hunsaker today.

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  • Feasibility study master plans counsilman-hunsaker swimming pool renovation reconstruction leisure competitive water park business case plan expansion

    Springfield Downtown YMCA

    Counsilman-Hunsaker worked with Sports Facilities Advisory and the Greater Springfield Partnership to develop options, capital costs, and operational costs for several scenarios for an expansion to the Springfield Downtown YMCA aquatic spaces. The goal was to help balance the needs of aquatic users at the YMCA to provide both warm and cold water to attract ...

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  • Feasibility study master plans counsilman-hunsaker swimming pool renovation reconstruction leisure competitive water park business case plan expansion

    Rohner Recreation and Park District

    In 2019 Counsilman-Hunsaker worked with the Rohner Recreation and Park District and the City of Fortuna, California to develop a feasibility study for a community aquatic center. In 2022 RRPD retained Counsilman-Hunsaker to update the results of the study based on current market costs for construction and operations. Visit the City of Fortuna's Website Back ...

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  • Feasibility study master plans counsilman-hunsaker swimming pool renovation reconstruction leisure competitive water park business case plan expansion

    Jewish Community Center – Greater Boston (Study)

    Counsilman-Hunsaker was retained by the Jewish Community Center of Greater Boston in Newton, MA in September 2016 to review and analyze their existing aquatic center operations in order to identify areas where they could increase revenue, reduce expenses and enhance program offerings to their members.  The study evaluated the effectiveness of their swim lesson and ...

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  • Feasibility study master plans counsilman-hunsaker swimming pool renovation reconstruction leisure competitive water park business case plan expansion

    Coronado Aquatic Center, CA (Study)

    The Coronado Aquatic Center opened in 2006 and includes an outdoor 13,000-square-foot competition pool, a 4,000-square-foot leisure and instructional pool. Counsilman-Hunsaker was retained by the city to conduct an operational study of the aquatic center. The study identified areas and opportunities where the aquatic center can achieve financially stable operations, increase pool usage, and decrease ...

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  • Peters Township Aquatic Center

    In August 2020, the Peters Township Council voted to proceed with the plans for a new aquatic center located on 98 acres of land in Rolling Hills Park. Before moving forward with the final design, a Master Plan was conducted that provided a conceptual plan, a market assessment, and the development of a business plan. ...

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