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I’ve Been Red Crossed

Every month there seems to be another update about the American Red Cross fees.  First the Red Cross changes fees, then everyone complains, and then the Red Cross changes fees, then everyone complains … it’s getting pretty old.

I think everyone (and I mean everyone) needs to get over this.  Yes, I can understand that the Red Cross released their new fees in the worst way possible by dumping it onto everyone in the middle of a budget after lesson fees have been posted.  And yes the Red Cross’s responses to this have been pretty poor (and in my opinion not well thought out), but do you really think they can keep offering the same services priced the way they were in the 90’s?  Haven’t you changed your fees in the past … I don’t know 10 years?

A recent survey done by Aquatics International showed that 57% of responders felt that even with the newest changes “the fees are still too high and they are going to look for new alternatives”.  While I agree that the new changes make NO sense for anyone with a large swim program.  I mean 100-150 students, come on!  There are pools out there that do more than 150 lessons in their first session of the year.  Some facilities do 1,000’s of lessons each session and operate year round.  But let’s be honest.  Do you really think that there is really going to be a cheaper option than a non-for-profit organization?  The other providers aren’t going to be cheaper, so let’s just admit it, it’s not the price that you are so upset about, you are just mad that they changed without your permission.

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