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The decision to outsource your organization’s aquatic operation is not one to be taken lightly. And, in the new climate of break-even cost recovery and sustainability being the expected norm for aquatics operations, you should know the three primary reasons that parks and recreation departments are exploring the possibility of outsourcing.


For some departments, it all comes down to money. They see their bottom line isn’t getting close to break-even and so they hope that an outside management company will have the ability bridge the gap to sustainability. Whether they close the gap by exploring ways to reduce staffing levels, consolidate the management structure or save on chemical and maintenance costs, management firms can bring new eyes to an existing operation and implement new and creative ways to save on costs.


With that new set of eyes on an aquatic operation, management companies also bring with them layers of efficiencies that can end up saving time and money for your operation. Since some management companies have multiple operations in a geographic region, they can broker deals with chemical companies, equipment suppliers and other vendors to purchase supplies for all of their facilities through one order, thus getting the best deal possible. They can also save time by giving multiple facilities and operations to one management staff member which makes management more effective and efficient since multiple facilities are run the same way and can share facility staff and management.


Finally, management companies bring expertise to aquatic operations because of the depth of knowledge and experience in the field of facility management. Some parks and recreation DSCN1464 (640x480)departments can be either new to aquatic operations because of a new facility, or they don’t have the in-house expertise to run an aquatic facility, thus making outsourcing a great alternative to running their own operation. While turning over your operation to a management firm can seem daunting, proper communication with your management company can ensure that your mission and vision for your facility is properly implemented and your guests have a great aquatic experience.

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