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Lake Bracken Country Club

Galesburg, IL


Lake Bracken Country Club features an outdoor 25-meter lap pool, a dedicated diving well, and a wading pool. Remarkably, these pools are interconnected through a shared recirculation system, a permissible arrangement sanctioned by the health department on the condition that separate chlorine injection points are employed for each body of water. To ensure the optimal water chemistry balance in each pool, the installation of distinct water chemistry controllers for individual pool units becomes imperative. However, it is crucial to note that this undertaking qualifies as a significant alteration per the administrative code stipulations, necessitating the simultaneous compliance upgrade of the entire facility to the current code standards. This instance exemplifies one of several "major alterations" recommended in this particular establishment's comprehensive audit report.

The lap pool encountered a substantial issue concerning water loss, impeding the proper maintenance of water chemistry levels throughout the summer. Visual inspections revealed noticeable cracks on the pool walls and floor, exacerbating the challenge. Further deterioration was observed in the caulk joint linking the stainless-steel gutter system to the concrete pool wall and the caulk joint connecting the gutter to the pool deck.

The audit also exposed additional equipment exhibiting signs of corrosion and general deterioration, warranting a recommendation for replacement. Notably, the springboard diving stands and various mechanical components fell into this category, necessitating immediate attention.

In addition to the structural concerns, the audit report encompassed suggestions pertaining to water chemistry management and associated operational procedures. Furthermore, considerations were presented regarding the utilization of starting blocks in shallow water—an arrangement permitted by the administrative code but cautioned against by Counsilman-Hunsaker due to potential risks.

The recommendations outlined in the audit report were classified into two distinct categories: maintenance repairs and major alterations.

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