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Tropical Resort in Germany? What about the US?

Let me paint a picture for you: it’s the middle of winter and the streets of Berlin are covered in snow.  You and your family are ready for a tropical get away, yet the closest ocean is over 100 miles away and the Baltic Sea doesn’t quite count as a “tropical” destination.  Fortunately less than an hour drive from downtown Berlin lays an oasis in from the relentless German winter.  The Tropical Islands is possibly the largest indoor aquatic center in the world.


Located on a former Soviet military base, inside a re-purposed air hanger designed for airships (think Hindenberg), the resort features a real sand beach, lagoons with waterfalls, water slides, adventure park, restaurants, saunas, spas, private cabanas, and even live entertainment.  You can even bungee jump from the roof…yep, bungee jump from the roof!!!


Now, I like to consider myself a connoisseur of water activities and entertainment.  I enjoy frequenting public and private waterparks, but there is NOTHING like this in the US.  My question to you is why?!?  The cost for a family of four to visit the park around the same cost as going to dinner and movie; and yes there are some similar facilities stateside: Great Wolf Lodge, Schlitterbahns, and others in the Wisconsin Dells, but not nearly as grandiose as the Tropical Islands.

So again I ask: why is this level of aquatic recreation not offered in the US?


For more photos check these out.  Also here is great video.

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