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Updating Policies

One of the primary keys to having a successful aquatic facility operation is the development and implementation of policies and procedures.  Aquatic facilities need policies in regards to a variety of issues that will come up on a daily basis, including hours of operations, admission prices and refunds, severe weather, parental supervision, outside groups and camps, swim wear restrictions, acceptable behaviors and whether or not guests can bring in outside food or drink. While this is quite a long list, it’s imperative to your operation to have these spelled out so that both your team and your guests are on the same page.

After the policies are written, there are two main areas to focus on: guest communication and employee training. The policies need to be written and communicated clearly to your guests through multiple platforms such as signage at your park, as well as on your website.  The more information you provide for your guests before they enter your park, the better experience they will have. 

It’s not enough for the guests to know the policies, but also for your employee team.  They need to know all of your policies and procedures backwards and forwards, including the rationale behind them so that when issues do arise they can accurately and consistently communicate them with your guests. 

Be sure to keep a list of policies that get a lot of complaints from your guests so that you can analyze, review and update them on a regular basis.  Once you take the time to develop and communicate policies with your guests, and provide training on them to your employee team, your organization will continue to offer great service for years to come.

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