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What To Include In A Dryland Training Diving Facility

USA Diving currently lacks a world class dry land training facility in the country although many clubs and entrepreneur coaches have established several excellent facilities but below the standards of the major international countries. The main reason is that the foreign countries have their trampolines, springboards and pits sunken in the ground. This is good for diver safety, aids better coaching techniques and much more advanced for hand spotting and overhead harnesses.

Requirements for a ‘world class’ dry land training facility are:

4 – 8 x .5 meter springboards – (boards sit on the fulcrum – fulcrum attached to the concrete ground and concrete cut away at end to enable board to dip into ground)

4 x trampolines – (sunken into the concrete ground)

1 x sunken foam pit – (approximately 2.5 – 3 meter depth) – 1 x .5 meter springboard and 1 x 1 meter platform at end of pit. (Some countries’ have a hydraulic platform that goes from .5 meter to 3 meter’s in height to allow for different standards of diver).  If too difficult to cut concrete for pits and trampolines a great alternative is to simply raise the floor around the equipment and apparatus (provided there is ample ceiling hights).

At least 3 springboards and 2 trampolines must have overhead harnesses for spotting of the diver to learn new and difficult dives. This comprises of pulleys and ropes and a strong steel support overhead is recommended.

A large gymnastics area is also required to enable stretching, gymnastic practice, somersaulting and sports specific exercises.

Hanging wall bars required for core stability work and mirrors recommended in this are for divers to practice dry workouts. Some facilities also have sprung floors in a small area for tumbling practice.

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