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Zero Entry

Many people think of the beach and the leisurely walk into the water to gain access to the ocean. Pools create this same effect known as a “zero entry” into the pool. These areas are very popular with the younger kids, toddlers and parents. It gives them a place to sit in the water close to their children while they play. These areas are great for small features such as bubblers, small jet sprays and little themed creatures that spray water.

Zero depth (8)

Zero entries can be very successful areas with the correct finish in order to keep them slip resistant. A few finishes being applied in this area are Pebble Tec, Diamond Brite, Flo Crete, or other similar products that are recommended to continue down to 18 inches of water depth. Sharks Grit is an additive that can be used with a paint finish to create a slip-resistant surface.   Determining the best finish for a pool is dependent on the location/climate of the pool.   For instance an outdoor freezing /winterized location the preferred finish for the zero entry would be a painted surface with non-sip additive or Flo Crete.Zero depth-10

Functionality of the zero entry and ease of maintenance lend itself to using a grating across the zero entry of the pool. This allows the water to be skimmed from the pool in this highly popular area as well as help prevent a scum line from forming.   The zero entry trench drain typically drains to the surge tank on a gutter system or through a sump section routed to the skimmer piping or piped directly to a header in the pool mechanical room.

The zero entry slope standard is 1:12 creating a very gentle way to enter the pool and become submerged in the water.   The very popular interactive features and play structures are commonly located within this area of the pool, generally becoming the most heavily populated area of the pool. What better way to greet incoming guests to a facility than to have the zero entry with its activity, splash of color and dancing water sprays as the main entrance!

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