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Aging, Health and Well Being of United States Master Swimmers

To see if United States Masters Swimmers (USMS) had a more favorable health status than the general population, the Counsilman Center for the Science of Swimming, led by Dr. Joel Stager, conducted research at the 2004 United States Masters Swimming Championships.

The subjects, who averaged 4.7 hours moderate and 7.1 hours of vigorous activity per week, exhibited numerous traits that were consistent with optimal aging outcomes such as retention of pulmonary function, muscle mass and strength, and a more favorable blood lipid and blood pressure profile.

The study suggests that the better (higher) scores on the instruments used to assess physical health, mental health, and quality of life obtained from the swimmers is due to a higher level of activity.

The results revealed that the USMS population is participating above and beyond the ACSM and CDC recommendations for physical activity, and that this may be an important factor in the greater overall health status and quality of life that these individuals enjoy.

To review the complete study visit:  Aging Health and Well Being of Master Swimmers   


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