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Evergreen McMinnville on Heading for Continued Success

The Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum has successfully added to its 20 year history with a mission “To inspire and educate, to promote and preserve aviation and space history, and to honor the patriotic service of our veterans.”  The significant expansion completed in 2011 included the addition of a unique learning based water park experience.  The Wings and Waves Water Park is buildt on the legacy of the Spruce Goose that became a feature element of the campus in 1993.  Continuing the water and aircraft theme, the new water park features a real 747 aircraft as a slide dispatch tower, space shuttle replicas and other iconic aviation experiences are throughout the park.  Having just completed its first year with outstanding results, the leadership is planning for the future.

The goal is to expand the educational experience that will result in an extended length of stay and continue to develop the Evergreen Campus as a destination.  The result will be an economic engine that positively impacts Yamhill County and Oregon tourism in general.  Future plans may include a Timberline Lodge, Kids Adventure Camp and a Youth Hostel which could potentially be located inside an airplane.

Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum featuring Wings and Waves is on a heading for tremendous success.  This blog post was based on the recent article published by The Oregonian titled “Spruce Goose plus a water park equals successful attraction for Evergreen in McMinnville

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