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I Think

When working with a group be careful of the “I think” or the “I don’t think” syndrome.  The majority of people make decisions based upon assumptions which are backed up with presumptions and not based upon facts.

  “I don’t think I will go to jail.” – John Gotti  

“I don’t think the Chinese reds will cross the Yalu River.” – General Douglas McArthur 

“I don’t think I will be convicted.” – Martha Stewart 

“(I think) this airplane will revolutionize air travel.” – The investors in the Concord. 

“(I think) the levees will hold.” – The Mayor of New Orleans 

“(I think) TWA will fly forever” – Howard Hughes 

“I don’t think the Americans made a second bomb.” - The mayor of Nagasaki. 

“Jimmy, believe me, you’ll never go to jail.” – Attorney Morris Shaenker while waiting for the verdict in Hoffa’s jury tampering trial. 

“(I think) we will overthrow Saddam Hussein in three weeks, set up a secular democracy and have the troops home by the end of the year.” Dick Chaney 

“(I think) this ship is unsinkable” – The design engineer of the Titanic 

“I don’t think it is my fault” – Ken Lay of ENRON 

“We’ll reach India in two or three weeks” – Christopher Columbus

This was sent to the CH team in 2006




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