• Pool Type Outdoor Leisure
  • Project Type Parks & Recreation
  • Project Service Design Services
  • StatusCompleted 2017
  • ArchitectDunaway Associate3s


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Hurst, TX – Chisholm Pool and Central Pool

Hurst, TX

In 2014, the City of Hurst received funding from the municipality’s half-cent sales tax to renovate the 18-year old Central Pool and replace the 17-year old Chisholm Pool. Over the years the city has very dedicated to maintaining the aquatic centers to provide exciting aquatic programming to the community. The 2014 initiative has ensured that the City of Hurst will be able to continue offering diverse and exciting recreational aquatic opportunities for the next 20 to 30 years.

Central Park Pool:

  • 2,300 sq. ft. sprayground with various spray features
  • Two separate runout waterslides
  • 3,000 sq. ft. children’s pool with zero beach entry and
  • play structure
  • 5,600 sq. ft. activity pool with two 65 foot long lap lanes, zero beach entry, various spray features, two stair entries, and three existing waterslides
  • 450 sq. ft. receiving pool with waterslide and stair entry

Project Cost: $3,000,000; Date Completed: May 2017

Chisholm Park Pool:

  • 2,250 sq. ft. dive pool with two 1-meter diving boards and dropslide
  • 7,300 sq. ft. river pool with zero beach entry, ramp entry, three stai entries, various spray features, large lazy river, underwater lights, and two runout waterslides
  • 6,500 sq. ft. leisure pool with zero beach entry, various spray features, play structure, underwater bench, zero ramp entry, and stair entry
  • 600 sq. ft. tot pool with zero beach entry, tot slide, and various spray features

Project Cost: $7,500,000; Date Completed: May 2017