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Water Utility – Focus on Energy

Talk about energy efficiency! A geothermal system uses neighboring Lake Andrea in Pleasant Prairie, WI, to heat the 50-meter pool and cool the air in the 305,000-square-foot municipal RecPlex. The energy-efficient equipment added about a half-million dollars in project costs, but annual energy expenses were halved.

Joe Bush provide a nice summary of energy saving strategies in this article featured in the July issue of Athletic Business.  The article dives deeper into the natatorium design including:

  • An HVAC system that uses exhaust heat from the air-conditioning unit to heat the pool.
  • An air-to-air heat exchanger that heats 19,000 cubic feet per minute of outside air for the pool area.
  • An efficient central heat pump to heat the pool area.
  • A traditional water-to-air heat pump to heat support spaces.
  • Triple glazing on the windows.
  • Added insulation in wall panels.
  • Extra roof insulation.

Read more here. Page 57.

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