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Counsilman-Hunsaker is excited to offer our new Aquatic Management Program with support from our partner, American Red Cross. CHAMP is a customizable, comprehensive solution for aquatic facility operators that helps meet increasingly stringent health and safety regulations, certification management, compliance demands and risk management issues.

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FEBRUARY 19th – 21st – TRAPS (Texas Recreation and Parks Society) – El Paso, Tx
FEBRUARY 25th – 27th – USSSA (U.S.Swim School Association) – San Diego, Ca
APRIL 15th – 18th – NDPA (National Drowning Prevention Alliance) – New Orleans, La

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Proper documentation is the industry standard and is becoming increasingly digital with the use of technology. Lifeguard Manager™ provides the tools needed to track your operations…

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  • Parental Supervision at Aquatic Venues

    A main theme that runs throughout the majority of serious aquatic incidents that involve children is the lack of parental supervision at the time of the incident.  And, though it seems like something rather simple, getting parents to properly supervise their children proves to be